5 factors that affect the cost of menopause awareness training

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As the person in your workplace responsible for menopause awareness, are you confused as to how much menopause awareness training could cost?

How much could I be looking to pay to provide menopause education training? What type of prices am I looking at for menopause awareness training? Will my budget cover menopause awareness training?

Is an online course cheaper than a workshop?

What is the cost of menopause awareness training for the workplace?

The price and costs will vary for menopause awareness training because of a variety of factors.

Training can cost you from £70 to over £3,000.

Why the vast difference?

Those prices take into account a variety of variables and factors

Let’s look at 5 factors and how they affect the price and cost you pay for your menopause awareness training.

1. How many participants for your in-person face-to-face menopause awareness training?

The number of people you have booked to do the training may affect the price.

More people may mean a bigger venue is required.

What’s worth remembering is buying more space for ‘bums on seats’ may increase your cost, however many menopause training companies may, when you buy their training reduce the price per head if you book for larger groups of people.

This helps you to reduce your investment per attendee.

One thing to also consider is who will attend the training. It can be tempting to pay for a smaller group of people to go, but could you risk losing the benefits of the training if you miss out others.

Senior managers may be your first group to consider but are they the managers dealing day-to-day with colleagues in departments and teams?

It may be beneficial to train senior managers along with managers so they’re all aware and involved in how the company is addressing menopause, giving you a better return on the investment in the training.

Having a strategy for your menopause awareness training makes a difference.

2. How will your menopause awareness training be delivered?

It’s worth considering how the menopause awareness training will be delivered.

This affects how much it will cost.

Face-to-face group training, such as live workshops, tend to be more expensive compared to online training.

Live workshops tend to lend themselves to a learning environment where the instructor is there to answer questions and to create a sense of ‘getting things done’ and as a group to implement what’s been taught after the training.

Live workshops can be done virtually too.

Are workshops and face to face trainings always more expensive?

Not always, but you may also need to consider travel expenses and accommodation for the trainer.

Online training can be a more cost-effective way for an organisation to introduce menopause awareness training, but not always.

There are two types of online training to consider.

  1. Synchronous – like a webinar, where everyone logs in at the same time
  2. Asynchronous – where you can log in whenever you like

It’s worth knowing on some asynchronous courses you can engage and interact with the others on the course and ask questions and discuss the course learning with the trainer in a forum.

Can we assume menopause awareness online training is cheaper?

Not always.

The trainer, regardless if the training is face to face or virtual may charge per attendee.

3. Can the duration of menopause awareness training affect the cost?

How long will the menopause awareness training last?

That’s a good question to know the answer to because, regardless of how the training is delivered can affect the price you pay.

Some online training can last 30 minutes, an hour or two while other training can last week’s or  months with or without input and support from a trainer.

Shorter trainings can be done online and can be pre-recorded sessions, they may be live or virtual sessions, they may be a part of a larger online course where the content is delivered in smaller pre-recorded modules.

Other training can be a series of workshops, sessions with follow up advice and guidance from the trainer lasting weeks or months.

4. What affects the price of bespoke menopause awareness training?

You may want your training to be bespoke to your company or organisation and want to know how this affects the price.

This may be training that’s specific to your workplace as well as handouts or exercises bespoke to you.

It can be a given that by having menopause awareness training customised specifically for your requirements, this will increase your final cost as the trainer may have to include the following:

  • Researching the client or the needs of the attendees
  • Creating/preparing the content and workshop schedule
  • Designing the presentation and/or training materials
  • Rehearsing the presentation
  • Planning group activities
  • Preparing and printing handouts (and any associated costs)
  • Venue fee (if applicable)
  • Refreshments/catering (if applicable)
  • Travel time and costs (to and from venue)
  • Setting up the training room
  • Delivering the actual workshop
  • Clearing up after the workshop
  • Gifts/goody bag/takeaway materials (if this is something they offer)
  • Follow-up documentation about the outcomes of the workshop
  • Virtual administrator fees (if you get support from a VA in any way to do with the workshop)

(Suggested List from Sharon Gaskin The trainers training company).

5. On-going menopause awareness support and training

You may decide after the initial training provided you want to find a way of keeping what your colleagues have learned actionable and will make an impact.

After all, you don’t want to invest in training for there to be no benefits.

For example, you may have a workshop or a webinar first about menopause awareness training to introduce the importance of the topic in the workplace.

Give them food for thought and a better understanding about ‘Why’ menopause is a topic to be discussed in the workplace and takeaways they can implement sooner rather than later.

Which is all good stuff.

But what tends to happen is To Do lists and the day job gets in the way.

And they get distracted from implementing what the workshop taught them.

Follow-up with offering an on-line course with access to all the key information, in-depth topics they can refer to when they need it.

A menopause training company can offer additional resources and/or ongoing support for your colleagues and your organisation or business.

Consider what on-going support you want and how your trainer can follow-up with you to ensure you get results from your initial investment.

Want to know more about menopause awareness training options for your workplace? 

At The Menopause training Company, our online course takes all the key topics a workplace needs to know and delivers them in easy-to-digest online training modules.

I also offer face-to-face training and live online training which can be fully customised to meet your training requirements.

My online course is available from £127 per person with a discount for multiple users.

Perhaps a more face-to-face approach to your menopause awareness training is for you. Prices start from £450+

Or you’d rather prefer to have your menopause awareness training fully customised for your organisation.

Whatever you choose, menopause awareness training is worth investing money and time to.

Let’s Chat!

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