What are the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external menopause awareness training?

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When it comes to you deciding on the best way of providing menopause awareness training for you and your colleagues, it can be tricky deciding who is the best person to deliver the training, and why.

In this blog, I’m going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of internal and external menopause awareness training and be answering questions like:

  • Is internal training for menopause awareness better than external training?
  • What are the benefits to menopause awareness training being delivered internally?
  • Is internal menopause awareness training more cost effective?
  • Are menopause awareness training sessions delivered by an external organisation worth the cost?

Let’s find out more about the pros and cons.

Firstly let’s answer the question

What is internal menopause awareness training?

Internal training is held by someone who already works for your organisation or company.

It can be someone who is in human resources but this isn’t always the case.

At the end of the day it boils down to who the best person is to deliver the internal training and what the purpose, aims and objectives of the internal training or session will be.

What are the advantages of internal menopause awareness training?

Training sessions delivered internally can be cheaper.

You’re not paying additional costs as the colleague delivering the training is already being paid by the company.

Sessions can be delivered in-house and they can have more control over the time the sessions take to be delivered which means you’re not taking your colleagues away from their day to day jobs for too much time. You have control over the time duration for the training.

For example if you want more shorter sessions delivered over a few weeks so colleagues aren’t taken away from their day to day roles for too long it can be more cost effective for the organisation.

An internal trainer will be able to use current workplace examples which can be more relatable for the colleagues attending the menopause awareness training.

What are the disadvantages of menopause awareness internal training?

The person delivering the menopause awareness training may have to do lots of research to create the training from scratch and this may not be time or cost effective for the organisation.

  • Where do they start?
  • What do they include that’s beneficial?
  • What do they not include?

If there are topics within menopause awareness they feel uncomfortable covering they may omit them altogether which means the training provided may not be as beneficial to the organisation as hoped.

Colleagues may not take it seriously when the training is delivered by a colleague.

If it’s training the colleague has delivered before it may no longer be up to date and current.

What is external menopause awareness training?

External menopause awareness training is delivered by experts outside of your organisation.

They may provide the training in a variety of ways such as face to face or online workshops, online courses or e-learning.

And to find out more about the many ways menopause awareness training can be delivered and how this affects the cost of menopause awareness training check out 5 factors that affect the cost of menopause awareness training.

What are the advantages of external menopause awareness training?

External training can help your organisation have fresh thinking and fresh perspectives about menopause awareness.

There’s a wide variety of ways training can be delivered by an external menopause awareness training companies from face to face workshops, online workshops, 1:1 training, small groups, online and e-learning.

This is what they do so they are all set up and good to go to deliver the training for your organisation and because this is what they do they’ll be up to date with information relevant to menopause awareness for the workplace.

They can customise the menopause awareness training for your organisation.

What are the disadvantages of external menopause awareness training?

Providing external menopause awareness training is more expensive that providing it internally. It’s an additional cost to the business no matter how you look at it.

An external company may charge per attendee or a one of charge for a group.

The trainer may also charge for their travel and accommodation costs.

If the training is not held in your offices or a location that’s local you may also have to consider accommodation subsistence and travel expenses for your colleagues on top of the external menopause awareness training cost.

How effective will the training be?

You won’t really know until they’ve delivered it.

It can take longer to organise external menopause awareness training. The company you want to work with may be busy.

They may have limited availability and may not have availability for when you’d like the menopause awareness training to be delivered or the format you’d like it to be delivered to your colleagues.

Menopause awareness training internal v external Conclusion

There’s no clear cut winner when it comes to providing internal or external menopause awareness training.

What’s important is what works best for your organisation and your colleagues so before you dive in to organising your menopause awareness training, know what you want the training to help you and your organisation achieve.

That can come from someone from your organisation or not.


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