Best menopause training and online course providers for managers

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When you’re looking for menopause training for your workplace, we have to admit there are some great companies out there for you to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for:

  • Online courses
  • e-learning
  • Workshops
  • Menopause awareness training
  • Bespoke training

But finding the right menopause training company or course can be time-consuming, overwhelming and daunting for managers tasked with the task of picking the go- to company.

So is it any wonder when you have a to do list as long as your arm, researching menopause training and courses can be put off for as long as you can.

But it’s important you get it right.

 So I have some good news for you.

I’ve listed below 5 menopause training providers and will share information for them all using the following categories

  • What do they offer?
  • About
  • Cost
  • Contact details

 Grab a cuppa and check them out.

(You might be wondering why a menopause training company is promoting other menopause training providers? What I want is for businesses, organisations and managers to work with who is the best fit for them so they can help more women struggling with menopause-related symptoms. That makes me happy!) 


Julie Dennis

What do they offer?

Menopause at Work Training Solutions

All their menopause workshops and training programmes are customised to ensure that your people get the best learning experience, and your organisation is renowned as a great place to work where everyone can be themselves and perform at their peak.

Services include:

  • Webinars and workshops to quickly reduce the stigma, generate engagement and resolve immediate challenges so that all staff feel involved, valued and supported.
  • Training for managers to ensure they are open to discussion about menopause and can responsibly support and signpost their team so everyone can continue to perform at their best.
  • E learning to promote a positive and equitable environment so that new (and existing) employees are able to understand your company’s commitment to menopause as an inclusive topic and set you apart as an employer of choice.
  • Communications materials and surveys to ensure consistent messaging, support and inclusivity in a positive and collaborative style.
  • Toolkits and Activity Packs designed to create learning opportunities, engage all staff and make menopause an everyday conversation in a fun (and competitive!) way.

Menopause Workshops & Webinars

  • Interactive sessions designed to raise awareness and create positive conversations around menopause so employees are able to enhance their own wellbeing and performance, alongside your organisation’s commitment to being an inclusive employer.
  • Discover a range of strategies to help manage symptoms like hot flushes, poor sleep, brain fog, fatigue and anxiety so those experiencing symptoms continue to thrive at work and at home.
  • Hot tips to support colleagues at work and partners at home that will help broaden awareness with regards to the issues and opportunities menopause presents.
  • Promote an environment normalising menopause at work whereby colleagues can comfortably engage in discussions when appropriate.
  • Menopause training can be tailored for women only, men only or mixed audience.

Menopause Training for Managers & Leaders

  • Collaborative and educational sessions designed to reduce knowledge gaps, normalize menopause and reduce any feelings of awkwardness so your managers, leaders and HR team can responsibly support and signpost people experiencing symptoms and everyone can continue to perform at their best.
  • Clear overview of the business case as to why menopause is relevant to demonstrate this as being a business critical rather than a ‘tick box’ initiative.
  • Role and responsibilities including conducting confident conversations with a team member experiencing symptoms so both managers and staff feel supported.
  • Examples of best practice menopause workplace solutions, reasonable adjustments and links to internal policies so managers can confidently and responsibly support and signpost their team.
  • Menopause training tailored and linked to your overall wellbeing and inclusion strategy.

Menopause Champion Training

  • Interactive, engaging and open session designed to encourage conversation, build confidence and subject matter expertise so champions can provide evidence based, non biased advice to colleagues seeking support.
  • Defining the champion role, responsibilities and boundaries including legal requirements and conducting menopause conversations with colleagues to ensure compliance, transparency and ensure the best outcome for everyone.
  • Hot tips for introducing simple and effective workplace solutions to promote a positive and inclusive environment where it’s ok to talk about menopause through 2021 and beyond.
  • Training materials including workbook, fact sheet, resources list and FAQ to provide supplementary advice, signposting and support for menopause champions.

About Julie

Julie Dennis partners with organisations across the UK to introduce menopause as an inclusive topic, educate leaders and improve the experience of people working through menopause.

Prior to entering the health and wellness field Julie was employed in a variety of corporate roles spanning executive search, management consultancy and the mining industry.

The powerful combination of her personal experience of menopause and business background means she is ideally placed to meet both the needs of the individual and the demands of the business.

Julie regularly demonstrates her expertise as a speaker and commentator on menopause issues in the press, on panels and at live events.

When she’s not talking about menopause you can often find Julie at the piano or out running!

How much?

I couldn’t find any information about pricing on their website

Contact Details

Contact Julie via email or call 07801 811768





What do they offer?

MenoHealth supports companies and organisations by informing, supporting and offering practical help for employees through a programme of online workshops and meetups facilitated by experienced MenoLeaders.

They arrange introductory session to get to know you and your team so they can adapt training to suit your needs.

They recognise that time is always in short supply so each MenoHealth workshop is 30 minutes long making it easy for colleagues to access during lunch or break time.

They signpost to trustworthy organisations and medical professionals when individual advice is needed.

They offer a unique programme of online workshops and easy exercise sessions to help businesses support colleagues through and beyond the menopause with lunchtime session that fit conveniently into the working day.

We focus on a different topic each week, allowing your employees the chance to feel heard, understood and are supported to manage their individual sessions.


At MenoHealth they empower women going through menopause to live their best lives. They provide fun exercise classes, practical support and sisterhood.

Given that all women are certain to experience menopause, it’s astonishing to think that it’s still surrounded by myths, taboos and confusion. At the age of 36, our Founder Julie had to have a hysterectomy and was advised against Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT): “I had no idea that the long nights of insomnia that plagued me for years were anything to do with menopause. Nor did I associate the heart palpitations that led to me being admitted to hospital, with menopause. It was a throwaway remark by the consultant, who assured me I wasn’t having a heart attack, that this disruption to the heart rhythm is often associated with ‘the change’.” – Julie Robinson, MenoHealth Founder.

Thanks to the recent surge in media popularity, at last, women are being unshackled from the taboo that’s been holding them back for generations. We know there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but research shows that exercising and sharing our experiences can make a positive difference to ease the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Women in Sport’s recent report on physical activity and the menopause found that; “Menopausal symptoms, low exercise self-efficacy and physical activity knowledge, social stigma and lack of social support are significant barriers to participation.”

Just when women need to start exercising more often, almost a third of women drop off from physical activity, yet the desire to be active is high. Having spent her career encouraging people to be more physically active along with her personal experience of menopause, Julie founded MenoHealth to make it easier for women to get the advice and support they need to help them through the ups and downs of menopause.

At MenoHealth we encourage women from all walks of life to come together and share their experiences of menopause. We offer weekly meet ups and MenoClass exercise sessions for women going through menopause. Our experienced MenoLeaders offer practical advice and support to our members (or MenoSisters as we call them) on how to live their best lives. Our experience with encouraging people to be more physically active and our own personal experiences with menopause have helped us to build the perfect haven for all women looking to move beyond menopause and to enjoy the quality of life they truly deserve.

How much?

We want to help you become truly menopause friendly and will work with you to find the right support. Our most popular programme, which is usually held weekly, includes an introductory hour-long session, 6 information, support and exercise sessions interspersed with 3 community chat sessions. This costs £1,200 plus vat.

By listening to your needs, we can create a bespoke programme whether you have thousands of employees or are a small company, whether you’re at the start of your menopause awareness journey or simply want to provide the best ongoing support for your team.

Each session is followed up with a support document full of information and signposting for you to keep and share with your team, not just those attending the MenoHealth sessions.

Contact Details

Telephone 0800 612 8442







What do they offer?

Menopause in the workplace training sessions and workshops

PostivePause works with organisations to understand the impact of menopause symptoms on women in the workplace, and how they can support this crucial segment of their workforce.

They deliver specialist menopause workshops (currently online).

Their ‘Menopause 101’ Lunch and Learn awareness training sessions and innovative business programmes will help your organisation recognise the impact of menopause, empowering staff to confidently discuss the topic.

They share expert advice on women’s health and wellbeing, in up-to-date, evidence-backed, myth-busting presentations and workshops covering:

  • The stages of menopause
  • The range of menopause symptoms and how they may impact performance at work
  • Menopause treatment options
  • How lifestyle and environment has an impact on women experiencing menopause
  • Self-help strategies women can implement to improve menopause symptoms
  • Reasonable adjustments organisations can make to support their staff
  • How to have a conversation around menopause, as an employee or as a line manager
  • Creating a menopause-friendly workplace



PositivePause embrace midlife, menopause and beyond helping women to be the best that they can be. Formed in 2016, by Ann and Jo, both menopausal, frustrated and overwhelmed by the range of information available online as we navigated the menopausal minefield. We would like to share or journey in the hope that by sharing our discoveries and experiences in a more optimistic, up-beat approach, you’ll find the support you need during this complex time in your life.

We’ve spoken to many medical experts so we can share what we’ve learnt and help other be more positive about their pause.

We like to think we’re like a glossy magazine that women will want to revisit, primarily for menopause advice but also for mid-life stuff, culture and style.

How much?

I couldn’t find any prices on their website.

Contact Details



Talking Menopause


What do they offer?

Get the help you need to start Talking Menopause at work

Their team of experts are on hand to support your business and create a culture of openness around menopause in the workplace.

To achieve this they provide bespoke, interactive programmes focused on helping your organisation engage with, accept and prioritise menopause.

They understand that every workplace is unique, so they work closely with you to ensure their service are aligned to your existing culture, policies, working practices and wellbeing strategy.

Choose from three deliver methods of the Talking Menopause educational programmes.

Workshops and Webinars


These can be delivered in a variety of ways including comprehensive full day events, session targeted to specific staff groups, team coaching and one to one.


Their webinars are tailored to individual client needs from awareness sessions to line manager workshops and women’s support sessions.

Awareness Sessions

The main aim of their awareness sessions is to equip attendees with non-biased, evidence based facts on the menopause, giving them the confidence to start a menopause conversation at work and have the tools to explore practical solutions to help themselves or their colleagues.

These sessions typically last for two hours and cover a broad range of menopause related topics including:

  • Key facts to help understand and recognise the menopause and its symptoms
  • Information to explain the impact of menopause on an organisation and the workforce
  • Practical and effective solutions to help support and manage menopause at work
  • Awareness session can also form part of equality and diversity training, be that as part of a wellbeing programme, through Occupational Health, or as an aspect of line manager training.

Women only workshops can be provided

Men only workshops can be provided

Manager Workshops

Manager workshops focus on the manager’s role by considering:

  • How employee legislation should impact on decision-making
  • The provision of practical tools and solutions
  • ‘Reasonable adjustments’ in the workplace
  • How to practice inclusive management through leadership
  • Creating the right culture and environment
  • How to approach conversations about menopause

Online Learning Programme

Focuses on educating larger numbers of employees in their own environment and at their own pace, this menopause awareness training method is flexible, convenient and cost-effective.

Course Overview

The Talking Menopause course is made up of four main modules with 16 subsections. Each module explores various issues around menopause and offers practical knowledge for both employers and employees on how to manage menopause in the workplace.

What is the menopause?

  • Learning about the menopause and its symptoms
  • Explore the challenges women experience
  • The impact the symptoms have on both their working and personal lives.

Managing the menopause

  • Introduces you to workplace menopause solutions and will develop your health understanding.
  • Learn about different menopause treatments available both medical, and non-medical
  • Gain knowledge of lifestyle solutions which can help women to successfully manage their menopause challenges.
  • Explore the evidence for a variety of solutions and the importance of individualised care for menopause.

Menopause in the workplace

  • Why menopause is important at work, the challenges faced by women and how organisations can support them.
  • You will be encouraged to look at your own workplace and see how visible menopause actually is.
  • You will explore employee legislation and examine an Employment Tribunal outcome which will help you understand the legislative importance of taking menopause seriously at work.

Practical solutions

  • Identify practical solutions to managing menopause in the workplace.
  • These solutions are crucial to supporting menopause at work and offer flexible alternatives to women who are suffering as a result of their menopause.
  • Solutions range from individual reasonable adjustments to whole workplace initiatives.

Tailored Programmes

A bespoke programme will provide your organisation with the elements of awareness training, support and guidance to perfectly fit and build upon any existing wellbeing agenda.

What can be included?

  • Mix and match surveys
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Wellbeing campaigns
  • Peer to peer support
  • Menopause guidance


Talking Menopause was set up in 2017 by Sarah Davies, then Business Manager at Menopause Doctor and Lynda Bailey, a former West Midlands Police Inspector and leader of an award-winning menopause programme within the police force.

After being introduced by Dr Louise Newson, GP and one of the UK’s leading menopause expects, and sharing similar experiences, Sarah and Lynda noticed a lack of menopause awareness across organisations thus Talking Menopause was created.

Talking Menopause aims to be the solution to positively impact a culture change in organisations around menopause. We are a team of experienced consultants, including business coaches and menopause professionals and are all committed to raising awareness of menopause in the workplace.

How much?

Workshops and Webinars I couldn’t find a price

Online learning programme

Small organisations for 2- 49 users £65 per user

Medium and Large Entrerprises

For 59+ users POA

Tailored programmes

For their tailored programmes I couldn’t find a price on their website.

Contact details

Telephone 0844 995 0090



See Her Thrive



What do they offer?

See her thrive are on a mission to create more inclusive organisations where women can thrive. They empower employers with the knowledge, tools and confidence to support women’s health at work.


They deliver interactive webinars on a range of current and emerging gender issues, ensuring you and your team have the knowledge, skills and confidence to create a workplace that works for women.

Hosted by our Founder & Business Psychologist, Clare-Louise Knox, our webinars are a great way to educate, raise awareness, open up conversations and drive positive action in your organisation.

Working together with you, we will create a high-impact learning experience tailored to your specific needs.

All of our webinars are bespoke, but we’ve provided the list below to give you an idea of subjects we cover:

Webinar Topics

  • Women’s Health in the Workplace
  • Women’s Mental Health
  • Hormones, The Menstrual Cycle & Menstrual Health
  • Menopause Awareness
  • MANopause – Menopause education for men
  • How to Create a Period Positive Workplace
  • Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
  • Endometriosis & Adenomyosis
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Gynaecological Cancer Awareness
  • Infertility & Fertility Treatment
  • Maternal Mental Health
  • Gender Equality, Unconscious Bias & Everyday Sexism
  • Female Talent Management: how to attract, develop and retain more women in your organisation


Webinars are 60 to 90 minutes, delivered LIVE using your preferred video conferencing tool and include time for Q&A – giving delegates a valuable opportunity to have their questions answered.


Clare-Louise is a Business Psychologist (MSc) specialising in women’s health at work. Her own experience of living and working with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) inspired her to set-up See Her Thrive.

Clare-Louise is Board Director at the International Association for Premenstrual Disorders (IAPMD) and an affiliate member of The Association for Business Psychology, British Psychological Society and CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). She’s also an examiner for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Recently, Clare-Louise was selected to be part of a Government Taskforce to address menstrual stigma and education in the UK. She also lectures on Women’s Mental Health at King’s College London and is a PhD researcher working in collaboration with the NHS and Ministry of Defence.


How much?

I couldn’t find details on their website

Contact Details



There you have it. Five companies that provide menopause training for the workplace.

Want to speak to us about how we can help you?

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