There's so many questions about menopause in the workplace.

  • Why don't we talk about it more?
  • Why do we struggle so much to discuss it?
  • What do you say to your manager when you're struggling with peri-menopause or menopause symptoms?
  • What type of help and support can be considered?

And so many more.

In this video with Elizabeth Carr-Ellis and Clare Shepherd the lovely ladies behind Pausitivity, I chat about menopause in the workplace.

  • Why it's time we discussed it
  • Why we feel uncomfortable talking about it
  • What the most common symptoms are
  • How the most common symptoms impact impact an individual
  • How the most common symptoms can impact the workplace
  • Changes that can be introduced into the workplace
  • How you can plan, prepare and have your conversation with your manager
  • And more.

Watch it here:


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Menopause: Why is it an important issue for the workplace?


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