Everything you need to know about menopause awareness training

Menopause Awareness Training, Watch/Listen

There’s so much out there about menopause awareness training.

No doubt you’ll have questions if you’re considering menopause awareness training for yourself or your organisation.

I answer your questions about menopause awareness training.

Questions like:

  • What is menopause awareness training?
  • Why is menopause awareness training important?
  • Who is menopause awareness training for?
  • How can colleagues depending on their day-to-day roles benefit from attending Menopause Awareness Training?
  • What topics are covered in menopause awareness training?
  • How can the menopause awareness training be delivered?
  • How much is menopause awareness training?

To begin with I thought I’d start with answering the question:

What is menopause?

Menopause is a natural stage of life when a woman’s estrogen her hormones the levels decline, and she stops having periods.

Menopause typically happens between the age of 45 and 55.

With the average age for women to undergo menopause in the UK is 51, but around 1 in 100 experience it before the age of 40.

What is awareness?

The dictionary tells us ‘awareness means knowing something; knowing that something exists and is important.

What’s training?

 ‘Training is the process of learning the skills that you need for a particular job or activity’.

 When you put them all together I would describe menopause awareness training is gaining a better understanding and knowledge about menopause and how you and your organisation can support your colleagues.


Why is menopause awareness training important?

 It’s important for quite a few reasons.

The more openly and easily we talk about menopause the less of a taboo subject it is and also everyone has the right to be fully supported when they’re in a work environment.

We only have to look at the numbers and the research around menopause to see why menopause awareness training for the workplace is important.

Menopausal women are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce

There’s currently 4.4 million women aged 50 to 64 in the workplace in the UK

Almost a quarter of women are leaving their job because of their menopause symptoms and a lack of support from the workplace.

 Who is menopause awareness training for?


 But organisations can start by training managers, senior leaders, line managers, those in human resources, and occupational health therapists, if they have them.

 How can colleagues depending on their day-to-day roles benefit from attending menopause awareness training?

 We all can benefit from attending menopause awareness training but what are the specific benefits to individuals when it comes to the day-to-day roles of line-managers?

 Menopause awareness training is beneficial to those who colleagues who report directly to them.

 Some of the benefits could be:

  • They become more aware of the potential menopause symptoms
  • How the symptoms can affect their colleague
  • The variety of support that could be considered and provided
  • An awareness of the law and how to avoid being taken to a costly tribunal

 Specific benefits to HR departments

The benefits to those working in a human resources role are:

  • A better understanding of menopause so they can ensure the organisation’s policies and guidelines are up to date and fit for purpose.
  • Understanding menopause and the law.
  • Ensure required training is in place for themselves and the organisation.

What are the benefits of menopause awareness training for high-level managers?

 Training for high-level managers can help them to understand how the potential impact of menopause-related symptoms can affect their colleagues and the workplace.

 This means they can be better prepared to ensure they grow and develop a culture, and have a general direction for the organisation as well as support all colleagues who are going through or will go through peri-menopause and menopause.

 They can become aware of what support is available and potentially at what financial cost so helping with budgets and spending.

 They’ll benefit by knowing where they can signpost colleagues for individual support.


What are the benefits to providing menopause awareness training to all?

When you train all colleagues this encourages a more empathetic and understanding approach towards menopause and the symptoms.

 There’s a better understanding and awareness of how the workplace can make menopause and peri-menopause symptoms worse, and where the law sits with regards to menopause in the workplace.

Colleagues can be given frameworks on how to prepare and have on-going conversations about menopause with their managers and colleagues.

 Become more aware of what reasonable adjustments can be considered for colleagues during their perimenopause and menopause

How can menopause awareness training be delivered?

There are so many ways.

Let’s  look at a few of them.

Instructor-led training

 This can either be a workshop, face-to-face or online

 It could be virtual via Zoom or Teams.

Online courses and lots of e-learning options

This could be pre-recorded training that has lessons and workbooks but you can also consider ebooks learning from case studies or other relevant reading and resources.

Different groups and demographics

Training can also be delivered in same-sex groups or mixed groups

Small groups or larger groups

Good to go or ad hoc training

Training can also be ready made or it could be tailor made in ad hoc or bespoke for your organisation.

How much is menopause awareness training? 

Want to know how much can menopause awareness training cost?

 The honest answer is it depends.

 It depends on the type of training and how many people you want to be traine.

 But the good news is that online training can start from being free.

 There are lots of useful and helpful resources out there online that won’t cost you a penny.

Online webinars and online workshops lasting 60 minutes can start be priced from £350 – £500 and there’s also online learning which can start from £75 per user.

 Some menopause online training providers offer a yearly cost of £900 plus for training with no limit on users. Each license would possibly be available for one year, two year or three years.

Get more information about costs and pricing for menopause awareness training from our blog


Want more questions answered about menopause awareness training for your workplace? 


Who is menopause awareness training for?

What topics are covered by menopause awareness training?

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