Menopause Champion Pros and Cons

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If you’re wondering what a menopause champion is, wonder what they do and what the pros and cons of having one in your workplace are so you can decide if having a menopause champion for your workplace is the best to go, this blog is for you.

What is a menopause champion?

A menopause champion is someone who can provide the right support at the right level to who may need it in the workplace. They can also be called menopause ambassadors or menopause sponsors.

What does a menopause champion do?

A menopause champion can provide support for those going through menopause, approaching menopause, or for those worried or concerned about those they know going through.

And the beauty about the role of your menopause champion is it can be specific to what your organisation needs and wants in relation to menopause support.

What are the pros of having a menopause champion in your workplace?

There can be benefits to having a dedicated and trusted person to help others going through menopause.

Your menopause champion can be responsible for a variety of things.

It could be informing colleagues how the organisation will be supporting those struggling with perimenopause and menopause symptoms, updating health and safety and risk assessments, creating a support network, signposting colleagues to other useful and helpful resources about menopause and they can arrange and run workshops to raise awareness but where there are pros there are cons.

What are the cons of having a menopause champion in your workplace?

Having your designated menopause champion may put some people off talking about their menopause.

They may feel that if they’re seen talking to your menopause champion assumptions may be made that they are going through menopause.

If you work for a small organisation you may not have the budget or the capacity to provide a menopause champion as the role of a menopause champion is voluntary.

You may not get any takers for the role.

Especially if they already have enough on their plate doing the day-to-day role for the business.

Your menopause champion may also have the day-to-day role to fulfill so when it comes down to it they may not be able to deliver as much support as was hoped.

There you have it some pros and cons around having a menopause champion for your organisation or your workplace.


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