Menopause in the workplace: Best free resources for HR and people managers

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In this video, get details of 4 of the best organisations that share useful and helpful resources to help raise awareness of menopause in the workplace, for free.

Between them, their free menopause resources will provide for you:

  • Webinar to unpack how you can best support colleagues managing menopausal symptoms
  • Guides to menopause for HR Teams
  • Guides to menopause for people managers
  • Guides on breaking the stigma around menopause in the workplace
  • Managing the effects of menopause in the workplace
  • Menopause and the law
  • How to talk to staff about menopause
  • How to carry out health and safety checks
  • How to develop your menopause policy
  • How to manage sickness absence and job performance
  • Check of current menopause policies
  • Strategic decisions with regards to menopause in the workplace
  • And much more.


Resources available from:





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Create your menopause policy using our checklist. It covers the main topics and information you need to include in your menopause policy.