Helping forward-thinking businesses and organisations establish their menopause friendly environment without the worry of saying or doing the wrong thing.

At The Menopause Training Company we want to do our bit to solve a mahoosive workplace problem. Worrying and guessing.

In the workplace we need to know about menopause.

How menopause affects their colleagues and when your colleagues are going through menopause how it could affect your business or organisation.

To understand the symptoms and how to provide support, practically and emotionally.

It pays to know how to stay on the right side of the law too.

We’re excited to demystify menopause in the workplace for everyone through our content, collaborations and course

Who is the person behind The Menopause Training Company?

Hello! I’m Tracey Tait.

My menopause hit me like a truck. There I said it.

And it took me to some dark and scary places, emotionally and physically.

It affected my relationships and my ability to keep my marketing business afloat.

Why create The Menopause Training Company?

Before I started my marketing business I was an employee and would have been liked a startled rabbit supporting and helping a colleague through their menopause.

 I created a course that I’d have appreciated as a manager.

To the point.


Accessible at times that worked best for me.

Simple to understand.

With downloadable templates to save me time.

And real life examples.

Where we hang out?

Our favourite places are Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

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