Get clear on how to have and start conversations about menopause without worrying about saying or doing the wrong thing.

Understand the legal implications for employers and employees and understand the measures you can put in place so you can create your menopause friendly workplace. 

Managers can find it difficult to discuss the menopause with their colleagues, due to a lack of understanding and fear they may make things worse.

And then there’s the legal implications of not providing employees with the necessary support and adjustments at work which can be costly.


You think you’re doing enough but there could be more but don’t know what.

You’d like to be able to have the conversation and make some changes but don't know where to start.

You don’t really know how to start to talk about the menopause – every time you think about it you feel embarrassed or worry any conversation you had would make it worse.

You feel embarrassed at the thought of having the conversation.

You feel you and the organisation should be able to work this out without training.

Think it’s easier to take the lead from your colleauges.

You have no idea what the menopause is or how it impacts your colleagues and the organisation.


You're not alone.

In the workplace there’s so much to think about isn’t there?

There’s targets, deadlines and being there for your team.

And there’s situations when you don’t know how to be there for them.

There’s difficult and uncomfortable conversations to be had for you and for them.

And sometimes you need help to have those conversations.

We’re going to help you feel more comfortable, be more knowledgeable so you can close the communication and knowledge gap between you and your colleagues so you never feel unprepared for those uncomfortable conversations ever again.


Difficult conversations about menopause made easier in the workplace

So you can have better conversations in the workplace about menopause without the worry of getting it monumentally wrong.

The online menopause training course is a complete blueprint for managers, leaders, those in HR or organisations to create their menopause friendly environment.

An online course created for employers, employees and organisations so the menopause is no longer feared in the workplace.

Supporting those during menopause in the workplace doesn't have to be complicated.

All the lessons are online.

This course can help you develop the skills and manage the emotions of difficult communications more easily and prepare you for a difficult conversation.

You'll also strengthen your people management skills so that difficult conversations around a sensitive topic like menopause won’t derail you.

The first part of this course will provide you with a step-by-step process to prepare, deliver and how to follow-up after difficult and sensitive conversations.

You’ll be provided with a checklist of things you must remember to do and a blueprint for any conversations you have in the future to prevent conflict in the workplace and bring you and your colleagues together to find solutions.

We’ll also share with you a list of the most common menopause symptoms, how they affect your colleague and how they can impact your colleague in the workplace.

In clear and plain language, we’ll outline the law and your responsibilities within them to protect yourself and your employees.

We will also give you templates to help you create your own policies and assessments around the menopause.

And finally, we share even more useful and helpful documents and case studies to inspire you

The course nitty-gritty

What's in the menopause online training course?

There’s 8 modules and a total of 20+ lessons each with lots of useful and actionable information to support you as you work towards creating your menopause friendly workplace culture.

By the end of the course you’re going to feel much more comfortable and confident talking about the menopause, worry less about saying or doing the wrong thing and understand what's needed to support your colleague, department or organisation.

The full course consists of 20+ lessons with videos varying between 1.5 minutes to 11 minutes long, documents, downloadable templates, case studies, best practice examples and additional resources. The full course is 2 hours long.

How the modules are broken down:

1 - Menopause Symptoms and Their Impact on your Colleague and the Workplace

In the first section we’ll explain and cover the wide variety of potential symptoms of menopause so there’s no more guessing what your colleague is potentially going through, you’ll have a better understanding of the symptoms, how they affect them so you’ll be able to offer support without feeling awkward or intrusive.

Don’t worry though. There are no icky bits to make you feel uncomfortable. We promise.

2 - Introduction to Difficult Conversations

The second section is all about what makes a conversation difficult.

We go in-depth into the various topics that may be uncomfortable, why they’re uncomfortable and how understanding and recognising what makes you feel uncomfortable is important to help you have better conversations in the future.

3 - Preparing for Your Difficult Conversation

Module 3 is everything you need to prepare for your difficult conversation.

We’ll take a close look at how to stay focused on the key issues for your conversation, how to think about any potential pitfalls during your conversation and how to handle them and the steps you can take to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome for you and your colleague.

You’ll learn how to prepare for each stage of your difficult conversation.

Before, during and after so you’ll know what to say and how to say it during your conversation.

You’ll uncover the secret of become a master of difficult conversations with a plan for every difficult conversation you have, you’ll learn how to address a wider type of sensitive situations and you’ll be more prepared for any difficult conversation in future.

4 - Your Difficult Conversation

Module 4 focuses on your conversation.

Here you’ll learn about the power of listening without judgement, what to do when there are gaps between your view and your colleagues view of the situation.

We'll outline the ways you can explore a solution together to ensure your colleague feels understood and listened to.

And of course, we’ll look what to do when emotions run high and how to identify what could derail you during a difficult conversation so you know what to avoid to ensure your conversation has the best chance of going smoothly.

We’ll also take a look at some of the mistakes that are so easy to make during a difficult conversation so you’ll have an even better sense of how to handle them before they happen to you. 

5 - The Legal Stuff

Chapter 5 all about the legal perspective.

We get into the nitty gritty of the laws that protect you and your colleague, uncovering the do’s and don’ts in plain and simple language.

No over the top and difficult to understand legal jargon here. It's kept nice and simple.

We’ll look at the laws and legislation so you fully understand the law around menopause in the workplace.

This module will give peace of mind that you're doing everything by the book because you know your legal obligations and you’ll be able to protect yourself and your organisation from discrimination claims.

We’ll also share details of previous court cases from the UK around menopause and discrimination.

6- Resources and Templates

Module 6 is where you’ll find a ton of useful resource and templates.

You’re busy so expecting you to create a ton of policies and documents isn’t fun in anyone’s book.

You’ll get everything you need to make a department or a workplace a more welcoming and supportive place with easy to implement, best workplace solutions and reasonable adjustments and policies. 

7 - Menopause Friendly Workplace Checklist

You've completed the course. What's next?

This is your checklist to help you create a supportive workplace that understands what colleagues are going through, the changes you can implement to create an inclusive environment for all colleagues dealing with menopause.

Module 8 - Signposting

In this section of the course, you'll find great organisations you can signpost your colleagues to for the best personal advice and support on how to navigate their way through their menopause menopause and free resources for you and your business to give you ideas and inspiration on the many ways you can start and keep the conversation about menopause going in your workplace. 

After you’ve gone through the course, you’ll be able to have a conversation about menopause, know more about the legal perspective, have a better understanding of the simple and affordable adjustments you can make as well as creating any policies and guidelines to benefit your organisation.

You'll know what the menopause is like for those going through it, and how to communicate with them so you’ll be ready to be more supportive to them.

As part of the course and to make sure NOTHING holds you back from getting your menopause friendly culture off the ground, there’s templates so you can create your menopause policy, do your risk assessments and even ways you can get feedback from your team around what they want and need.

We've even created a checklist for you too so you can easily keep track on what you're planning to do and what you've done.

These templates come as pdf’s and word documents.

Once you’ve completed the training you’ll:

Feel more comfortable and confident to have those difficult conversations

Have a better understanding of menopause and how it impacts your colleagues personally and their productivity

Know what support and adjustments to put in place so you can create a happier workplace now and for in the future

Have a team that feels supported and respected


Keep more of your talented colleagues

Avoid costly tribunals

Make an employee feel valued

Become a better communicator


If this online course STOPS you avoiding and worrying about having a conversation that could be spent HAVING the conversation THAT makes a difference to your organisation. 



A single user is £127

Your licence is valid for 12 months

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It's estimated that currently, there are around 13 million women in the UK who are either peri-menopausal or menopausal.

This is equal to one third of the entire UK female population.

According to the UK Faculty of Occupational Medicine:

📌 Almost 8 out of 10 of menopausal woman are in work

📌 They're the fastest growing demographic in the workforce and with the increase in retirement age this number is set to rise.

📌 Around 1 in 100 women experience the menopause before the age of 40.

Companies have been taken to court for discrimination and lost. These losses have been costly. Not only financially but to their reputation.

The Menopause Survey 2018 discovered:

📌 76% had either gone through or were going through the menopause said they had found symptoms either moderately or extremely problematic at work.

📌 20% said they had considered leaving because they found it difficult to deal with menopause at work.

📌 44% found their symptoms extremely problematic.

📌 Only 11% of managers said they'd been given training on how to support someone going through the menopause.

📌 2/3 of managers said they would find it useful to have a formal policy and guidance for menopause.


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