Menopause Awareness Training Session for the workplace

45 minute talk

The key areas and topics about menopause every workplace needs to know

Our 45-minute menopause awareness training session is designed to provide managers and colleagues a better understanding of menopause, the most common symptoms experienced and ideas for practical support and adjustments for any workplace.

You’ll also gain an understanding of menopause and the law, as well as how to feel more comfortable having your menopause related conversations in a 1:1 situation whether you’re a manager concerned about a colleagues performance or a colleague wanting to know how to ask their manager for support.

Our awareness training session will help to introduce menopause awareness to your organisation so menopause is a more comfortable topic while removing the worry about saying or doing the wrong thing.

Our training session includes a Q&A and handouts and is delivered via Zoom.

Our menopause awareness training session covers:

Why menopause is an important topic for the workplace

The symptoms of menopause and how they impact work and life

Understanding what menopause is and what it isn’t

Helping managers feel more comfortable talking about menopause

Introduction to menopause and the law

Support the workplace can provide for those struggling with menopause-related symptoms

Helping colleagues feel more comfortable talking to their manager about their menopause-related symptoms and asking for help and support

Why this training session matters

70% of women say their menopause related symptoms are affecting them in the workplace and 31% are taking time off work due to their symptoms.

20% say they’d considered leaving work because they find it difficult to deal with their menopause symptoms at work.

Employment tribunals citing menopause have increased by 44%.

Menopause is a natural transition and many organisations are needlessly at risk of losing valuable talent and risk damaging their reputation by not raising awareness.

Who is this Menopause Awareness training session for?

It’s for anyone in the workplace who wants to:

Improve their awareness and understanding about menopause.

Understand what support and help would benefit those struggling with menopause-related symptoms so they can continue to do their job.

Feel more comfortable talking about menopause with their colleagues without worrying they’ll say or do the wrong thing.

Attend a session about menopause that isn’t a seat-squirming in-depth biology lesson.

Have the opportunity to ask questions privately after the training session.

What others are saying about our training:

Tracey gave Rappor a Menopause Awareness Presentation and provided an excellent talk on all things Menopause.

Tracey delivered clear guidance that takes account of not just those who are experiencing the menopause, but also those supporting them, whether that be in a personal or professional capacity.

I would absolutely recommend Tracey.

Charlotte Granger, Rappor

Great workshop, lots of useful info and thoughts for me to take forward in my workplace.

Excellent session.

Really helpful!

A relaxed atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable to share.

Worth doing – 100%

Good to have information in your back pocket especially when it comes to having that potentially awkward conversation.

RAF Cosford

Menopause isn’t going to go away.

By providing menopause awareness training you can make your organisation a more attractive place to work and signal to potential recruits you’re a company that values their health and wellbeing.

As the demand to work for organisations with a focus on wellbeing increases why wait?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this session be tailored to our organisation?


We can discuss how to make it specific to your organisation and before the session is delivered I’ll always do research into your industry so the session includes information and data that’s relevant.

Can this Masterclass be offered to managers only?


Can this Masterclass be offered to employees only?


Can this Masterclass be offered to men only?


Can this Masterclass be offered to women only?


Do you offer a more in-depth talk?

I do.

I offer a 90-minute menopause awareness Masterclass session.

Find out more here.

Is your training session relevant for my industry?

Our courses and talks have been provided for many industries and sectors.

Some examples are:

  • Armed forces
  • Biotechnology
  • Construction
  • Early year’s providers
  • Environmental consultants
  • Legal profession
  • Residential care
  • NHS
How do I book?

You can click the book now button and complete the contact form or email

Once we have a date and a time agreed I’ll send an invoice to be paid within 7 days.

What happens after the training session?

I’ll send an email to the organiser with the handouts and a short feedback form.

Participants are welcome to email me directly with questions.

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