What are the pro’s and con’s of online menopause training courses for the workplace?

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When you’re a manager, a leader, in HR or a business owner you’re responsible for making decisions. And these decisions can include what training is best for you, your colleagues or your team.

Perhaps you’re considering investing in training around menopause in the workplace, and you want to be sure you’re making the right decision around the type of training and confident you’re going to hire the right company or work with the right person.

I do offer training for managers, leaders and those in HR that want to know how to talk about menopause and to offer support and help to those that need it without saying or doing the wrong thing.

In this blog, I’ve put together some key things to ponder and consider around the advantages and disadvantges of an online course, to help you decide how best to approach your training.


What are the Pro’s for online menopause training courses for the workplace?

Increased flexibility

The biggest advantage to completing a course online is the increase in flexibility.

You and your colleagues can complete the lessons when you want to, how you want to, where you want to as long as you have access to the internet.

Colleagues can access the training from any location and at a time that fits into their schedule.


Easy to access

All that’s needed is a desktop computers, laptops, phones and tablets with internet access.

The content you need is within the course.


More efficient

Online courses offer training and learning to be provided in an efficient way.

Online learning includes a variety of teaching methods from videos, audios, PDF’s, templates and quizzes.


More affordable

Online training can be more affordable.

There’s no need to find a venue for training, no travel costs or catering costs.

Online learning also reduces the need to print materials as the documents required are online.


More suited to a variety of learning styles

It can suit a variety of learning styles within the workplace. Some colleagues are visual learning, while some may prefer to learn through audio.

Colleagues may find working in groups a distraction and prefer to learn on their own at a time that works for them.


More convenient

An online course is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Extended access to content

The majority of online courses offer access for a duration of time so content, lessons, information and learning’s are available to you for longer


What are the disadvantages of online menopause training courses for the workplace?

More screen time

Your colleagues may spend a lot of time in front of screens so more screen time may be a challenge.


Added distractions

There can also be distractions.

From email notifications, temptation to browse the internet, check in on social media to their phones ringing.


Technology Issues

Let’s not forget internet connectivity.

There’s days when the internet doesn’t play so if you’re colleague is working from home, and the internet plays up, they can’t access the training.


Self-motivation is required

Colleagues can learn more when they’re in the company of others. There are discussions, debates, new ideas and new ways of thinking when a group of people are together.

An online course doesn’t provide that same level of interaction and engagement.



It can be so tempting to do your online learning later, especially when there’s no-one checking in on your online ‘attendance’, if you’ve completed any lessons or taken actions.


Good time management skills and commitment

Online learning requires you to have good time-management skills and commitment.

Similar to procrastination, it can be so easy to find yourself busy with other tasks on your To Do list. Online courses require chunks of time to be blocked out of your day.


Not for everyone

The honest fact is online courses are not for everyone.

Online learning is very different to face-to-face training and workshop, and for some online learning may be a bridge too far. For them, there’s a lack of social interaction


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