Who is menopause awareness training for?

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Who is menopause awareness training for?

There’s so much information out there about menopause awareness training and perhaps you’re confused about who it’s for and what are the benefits of providing menopause awareness training to those in your organisation?

Who menopause awareness training is for, why its important to know and how menopause awareness training benefits people in their specific roles and how that benefits the organisation overall.

What is menopause awareness training?

I’d describe Menopause awareness training as gaining a better understanding and knowledge about menopause and how you and your organisation can support your colleagues.

Why is menopause awareness training important for everyone in the workplace?

The more openly and easily we talk about menopause the less of a taboo subject it is!

Everyone has the right to be fully supported in a work environment

It should also help managers have positive menopause conversations, build policies for the workplace and outline the legal duty of care as an employer.”

Source Clare-Louise Knox See Her Thrive

Who is menopause awareness training for?

Ideally, it can be for everyone in an organisation, but organisations can start by training managers, senior leaders, line-managers, Human Resources and Occupational Health Therapists.

How can colleagues depending on their day-to-day roles benefit from attending Menopause Awareness Training?

In the workplace we all can benefit from attending menopause awareness training, but what are the benefits to individuals when it comes to their day to day roles?

Line managers

Menopause awareness training is beneficial if they have colleagues who report directly to them

Some of the benefits could be they’re more aware of the potential symptoms, how they can affect their colleague, the support that could be considered and provided, awareness of the law and how to avoid being taken to a tribunal and what they can say and what they can’t say about menopause in the workplace.

HR departments

Training gives them a better understanding of menopause so they can ensure the organisations policies, guidelines and training are in place.

High-level managers

Menopause awareness training helps them to understand how the impact of menopause symptoms can affect those in the workplace so they can be better prepared to grow and develop the culture and general direction for the organisation.

Colleagues who will experience menopause-related symptoms

Those who are going through or will go through peri-menopause and menopause so they can become aware of what support is available to them from the organisation and where they can go for individual support.

All colleagues

Providing menopause awareness training to all encourages a more empathetic and understanding approach towards menopause and the symptoms.

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