Why my Menopause Training Company might not be the right fit for your organisation right now

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When you’re looking for menopause in the workplace training options for you, your department or your organisation, you’re going to be looking for a company that’s the best fit for you.

This takes time and I know how busy you are.

And one thing lots of menopause training companies DON’T DO is tell you who they’re not a fit for. (I’ve been told I’m not the same as other menopause training companies).

If we’re not a fit for you and you’re not a fit for us, that’s okay. We can still remain friends right?

Here’s 8 reasons I’m not the menopause training company for you.


1. You want in-person training for groups

Some organisations prefer in-person training with more of a workshop feel for a group of people.

That’s not what I do. The Menopause Training Company was set-up as Covid hit so my business model is entirely on-line.


2. You want training via live Webinars for groups

With the increase in use of video calls and meetings, live Webinars for groups of people are really common-place and for many organisations this has enabled them to continue to provide training.

This isn’t something I offer.


3. You want accountability when it comes to completing online training

I don’t take you by the hand to make sure you’ve completed the training, and I don’t send you or your colleagues prompts or reminders to get it done.

When you sign-up for the course, the motivation and managing your time to get it done is down to you.

The reason the course is online and in short, bite-sized lessons is so you can have access at times that works best for you.

I can provide a report telling you who has accessed the course, what module, lessons and durations of the lessons they have watched.


4. You want a company to update your current menopause documentation or create your documentation from scratch

Some organisations already have some documentation in place around menopause. They simply need it to be updated.

That’s a good idea. It’s not something I offer.

I don’t do this because it’s up to each company how they want to create their menopause documentation in a way that works best for their colleagues, company and culture.

Which is why I provide useful and helpful templates, that are easily editable to be specific enough for your organisation.


5. You think doing the course is enough to create a menopause friendly organisation overnight

The fact that you are considering providing training about menopause in the workplace is fab.

But signing up and going through the course isn’t enough.

I can give you the information and the know-how to raise awareness about menopause, better understanding of the impact the symptoms can have, how to have those difficult conversations, how the law relates to menopause in the workplace, give you templates and suggestions but there’s still work to be done by you.

By work, I mean taking action to raise awareness in your work place, to talk about menopause, to reflect on where you are now and what changes you want to make in the future, how you will help and support your colleagues.

There are so many things you can do to make a difference. But ultimately, it does come down to you.

If you expect completing the course to be enough to make these changes, it’s not the course for you.


6. You want the menopause training to be added to your Learning Management System

This isn’t something I can offer you – yet.

The course is held on a platform that you can log into securely and will happily accommodate multiple users from your organisation.


7. You want menopause training that’s CPD accredited

My training course isn’t CPD accredited – yet.


8. You want to work with a big Menopause Training Company

There’s just me. That’s it. One woman working out of her home office.

Sometimes, you might need or prefer a big training company who deal with everything – live training, webinars, workshops, 1:1 training and a more consultative approach to your menopause training.

I’m a small business and I might be too small for some. And that’s more than okay.


What does this mean for you?

If I’ve flagged up that we’re not a fit for each, I truly hope I haven’t offended you.

Making a difference in the workplace by creating more awareness around menopause is important to me, but so is making sure you invest your time, effort and budget with a menopause training company that’s right for you.


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